Town Hall Hotel Wedding Video with Dorito & Michael

Here at York Place we always try to go into a wedding free of preconceptions. Whilst our style should always be an underlying presence binding our films together, what’s most important is that we want every video we make to be entirely based around that particular wedding, that unique setting, that particular couple and that group of family and friends and that we help their personalities and the feel of the day really shine through.

That means with every film we make we’re always ready to try something different, and something unique. So when we found ourselves amongst the extraordinary art-deco architecture of London’s Town Hall Hotel with a couple in Dorito & Michael who were equally as stylish we wanted to create something that felt fitting to the world of that particular wedding: something stylish, something artistic, something that harked back to a classic era of cinema and theatre noir… and that meant it simply had to be presented in black & white.

Having a black & white film also allowed us to really focus in on the story and the composition, ignoring colour and just creating something simple and beautiful in camera. We hope you enjoy the results!

Thanks to Michael & Dorito for what was an absolutely beautiful wedding between two very special people and their amazing group of family and friends. The day just oozed personality and featured a special surprise on the dancefloor…

Matt & Alex

Town Hall Hotel Wedding Video by York Place Films. Matt Thompson and Alex Shaw are the creative partnership behind York Place Films, creating personal, creative, documentary wedding films full of personality for incredible couples around the world.

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