yorkshire wedding videography How many videographers will be at the wedding?

We shoot with two videographers plus additional discrete unmanned cameras where necessary to ensure we always get the best shot and never miss the action.

Isn’t videography quite obtrusive?

We mostly use the same sort of cameras as your photographers. These are compact and discreet and deal incredibly well with low-light situations so that we don’t need to shine bright lights in your face all day! Whilst we may occasionally need additional stabilisation gear we keep our equipment as discrete as possible so that we can blend into the background and get the most natural shots.

Can we put the video online?

All of our trailers and cinematic highlights films are uploaded to Vimeo so that they can easily be shared with your friends and family via email or by Facebook and other social media.

Do you shoot in high definition?

All of our videos are shot entirely in high definition.

Can I get a copy of our wedding on blu ray?

We can provide a copy of your wedding day on either DVD or in full HD quality blu ray.

How soon will the video be ready?

We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting too long to relive your special day and so we will put each of your films online for you as soon as each is completed. However during peak times it may be up-to 14-18 weeks before the finished DVD is ready for you.

What will sound quality be like?

Matt is a fully qualified sound designer and technician with over 10 years experience working on sound for theatre and events. His exacting standards mean he will accept nothing less than top quality sound.

Can I choose the music?

Music makes up 50% of a great video and the musical choices we make define the pace, tone and style of the film. In order to make sure we deliver the best possible viewing experience to you and a film that matches our signature style we have to make certain editorial choices where the music is concerned. However if you have a particular song you’d like us to include we’re always more than happy to see whether we can work it into the final film. For the best results though we highly recommend having your soundtrack composed by our fantastic composer Holly Jazz Kotzé for a truly unique film score written specifically to enhance the overall film.

Can you use well-know popular commercial music in your films?

PRSforMusicWe hold a Limited Online Music Licence issued by the Performing Rights Society which allows us to integrate most popular music tracks within our films.

How long afterwards do you keep a copy of our event?

We keep a copy of the finished video for a minimum period of 1 year. Whilst normally we may keep it for longer, due to the size of the files involved we cannot guarantee to be able to store it after this period.

How do I make a booking?

You can find all of our contact details via our contact page.

Do you use lighting? Will it be intrusive?

We only use additional lighting when absolutely necessary. We use equipment designed to deal well with low-light situations and we believe the best shots are those that make use of available light.

How many copies of the wedding video do you supply?

Unless otherwise agreed we supply 1 DVD / Blu-ray disc as part of your package and will upload the the trailer and cinematic highlights films for you to share online as much as you would like. We can provide further copies of the DVD at a small additional cost.

What parts of the UK do you cover?

We are happy to travel anywhere in the UK and across Europe.