The Fleece Inn, Ripponden // Laura & Nick

“We really can’t thank you enough for creating such wonderful films for us! You’ve captured every single special moment and special person so that we’ll never forget a thing! We are so grateful for everything and for all your hard work and kindness! I know we’ve said it before- but you really are so very talented at what you do!
So many people have been blown away with your work! We’ve heard that even friends of friends ,distant relatives and even our parents’ work colleagues have been sharing the films after they’ve seen them because they’ve loved them so much! All have said that they’re the best they’ve ever seen! Surely the ultimate compliment for you!
We will watch them over and over again and always appreciate what you’ve created! As much as we’d like to redo the whole day again and again, at least we will always be able to sit and watch your films and relive it all with such happiness!”
-Laura & Nick