Kate & Ben’s Duncombe Park Wedding Trailer

Yorkshire Cinematography – Duncombe Park Wedding Trailer

Kate & Ben’s Wedding Trailer

There’s something magical about having your Special day deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Countryside, and the wedding of the gorgeous Kate and Ben was no different. There were so many great moments to capture, from the military dress rehearsals in the morning to the stunning Duncombe Park Wedding reception, this was an amazing day for the happy couple and all of their guests alike.

This was the first time we had filmed any Military Wedding Traditions at a church ceremony and it certainly made the whole event simply unforgettable! If anyone did have any objections to this fantastic couple’s union they certainly weren’t in any rush to announce it as the honour guard stepped into the aisle and drew their swords to protect the bride’s honour with perfect military synchronisation – an incredible moment to watch and one that added a hint of drama to such a beautiful ceremony. This wasn’t the only unusual tradition on this day though as the couple exited the church beneath the arched swords of Ben’s Military compatriots, through the whirlwind of confetti and up to the front gate of the church where they were greeted with all the children of the village who, in local tradition, had tied the gate shut, demanding recompense for their passage! We love finding these charming little local traditions and they always add so much to the day! After this, the guests and joyous couple made their way to their stunning Duncombe Park Wedding Reception, a simply fantastic venue that oozes elegance and beauty from its historic surroundings, before heading back to the local pub for some fun and merriment on the dance floor.

We had so much fun capturing this Special day, so here’s just a little taste of what happened during Kate & Ben’s magical Wedding, we can’t wait to show you the Cinematic Wedding Film…

Duncombe Park Wedding

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