Destination Wedding Video, Canary Islands: My Sister’s Wedding

A Destination Wedding in the Canary Islands

Matt & Dom – My Sister’s Wedding

Being a videographer means that my camera very rarely leaves my side. It’s beside me when I eat, sleep, and especially when I know something momentous is about to happen! So when my own sister and Matt, the other half of York Place Films, decided to have a destination wedding abroad on the wonderful island of La Palma, I knew that I had no choice but to bring my camera along. I soon realised that this provided me a way to give a more thoughtful present (which had nothing to do with the fact that I did not have to directly pay for it… honest!). So as I explored and relaxed on holiday, I carried my camera with me, filming  and documenting everything I witnessed.

It was wonderful recording those special moments of my own family as I knew I would be able to look over them and relive the experience once I had returned home. This was of course true of the wedding day itself, and whats more I knew I was recording something that could remain in our family history for generations. A present that had began just for my sister and her husband soon became one for their children and for the future. Being an integral part of the wedding as well as filming it offered a unique experience on the day, feeling first hand the joys, stresses and spirit which made the entire day that extra special. Destination weddings abroad are certainly a lot of fun, combining the best parts of that special wedding day with a lovely, relaxing (for the most part…) holiday. Congratulations Dom and Matt, and here is a poem to sum up my entire experience of the wedding for you…

My sister’s getting married,
 What can I get you?
You know as a male, 
I don’t have a clue
For giving can be scary, 
a confusing thing
And I didn’t want a gift,
that went straight in the bin
So film the event,
I did decide
A decision I thought,
I could complete in my stride
But things were more complex,
Then I initially thought
It would have been easier,
If a gift I just bought
For Domibear getting married,
Filled me with emotional cheer
A fact I tried to hide,
By drinking lots of beer
Though I said that I wouldn’t
It turned out I cried!
Not because I was sad,
But filled with much pride!
The speeches were great,
Make me laugh yes they did
The best man called me,
An Obama campaign operative!
We danced through the night,
Undeterred by the weather
I was so happy,
I felt as light as a feather!
And during it all,
A film I did make
I just hope that you like it,
As much as your delicious chocolate cake.


Neither lost wallets nor broken toes nor rain nor hurricane of La Palma could stop your brother from the enjoyment, joy and recording of your wedding. I hope you enjoy the video,


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