Creating the Soundtrack

Yorkshire Wedding Cinematography – Composing a Film Score

Holly Jazz Lowe – In the Studio

Whether it is a movie, documentary, TV series or your own special Wedding Video that you are watching, having the right soundtrack to accompany your film is something that can’t be overlooked. Although it might not be immediately apparent, the subconscious hold that music can have over us is extremely powerful. As a cinematographer, it is important to appreciate the symbiotic relationship that exists with film and music. Here at York Place Films, we are extremely fortunate to have the immensely talented ‘Singer Songwriter Sailor Spy’ Holly Jazz Lowe to handcraft unique soundtracks, thereby helping to enhance the mood, setting and atmosphere of our films. If that wasn’t enough, Holly collaborates when creating her compositions with her father David Lowe, an accomplished musician who to me will always be the man who created some of my favourite tunes when I was just a young one, as he is responsible for many amazing retro soundtracks such as those on Frontier: Elite II and Street Fighter II.

So here it is, an exclusive inside look into the creation of a soundtrack and the creative process that takes place.

Holly and David, thank you for letting us experience your magnificent studio and we look forward to listening to all the tracks that you create with your production company Uncle Art Music in the future!

Holly Jazz Lowe in the Studio.

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